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Police Clearance
Applications forms for police clearance from Guyana can be obtained from the Consulate.
Requirements are:
  • Copy of Birth Certificate and Guyana Passport
  • Three (3) recent photographs
  • Finger prints taken at the International Fingerprinting Services, Tel.416 293 2030 or 416 293 1218
  • Completed form

Click here to get the Police Certificate form

Requirements listed above can be submitted by a relative or friend in Guyana on the applicant behalf. By this method, the police clearance can be obtained within a week by the authorised person. The fee is Guy$500.00.

If the applicant has no one in Guyana to submit the application, it may be submitted through the Guyana Consulate. In this case a fee of Canadian $10.00 must be paid in the form of an international money order payable to the Commissioner of Police. This method however takes longer, sometimes three to six months.
Certified copy of passport and or any other documents are done by the Consulate. However, the original copy has to be presented.

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