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Birth/Marriage/Death Certificates
Applications for Birth/Marriage/Death Certificates are available at the Consulate. It is recommended that the completed application form be sent to a relative or friend who can submit it to the Registrar General's Office and collect the certificate in a few weeks. The fee is $30.00 Guyana Dollars.

Alternatively, if there is no one in Guyana to assist, the application can be processed through the Guyana Consulate. The fee is $10.00 Cdn and takes approximately 3-6 months.

Click below for Application form:

Birth Certificate
Marriage Certificate
Death Certificate

Requirements to facilitate the Registration of Birth - Overseas

The person to be registered must be born on or after the 26th May, 1966.

An original Statement of Birth if born in Canada or Foreign Birth Certificate if born in another country of the person to be registered must be submitted and will be kept on record.

At least one parent whose name is recorded on the Foreign Birth Certificate or Statement of Birth must be a Guyanese by Birth.

Births not registered in English, must be accompanied by an official translation.

Original proof of Birth and passport/s of the Guyanese parent/s, whose name/s are recorded on the foreign birth certificate or Statement of Birth must be submitted.

If the person effecting the registration is not a parent, a duly notarized authorization is requested.

The cost for registration is $50.00 Cdn.

The processing time is approximately 3 week.

Click below for Application form:

Registration of Birth - Overseas

Pension and Life Certificates
Life certificates are notarised free of charge for pensioners who are receiving their National Insurance Scheme (NIS) pensions, Government service or Sugar estate pensions. The pensioner must bring their passports or other photo identification. Forms are available at the Consulate.
Pensions are not remitted overseas directly by NIS or Government but can be paid into to a bank account that has the pensioner's name on it in Guyana or to an authorised person. The pensioner is responsible for requesting transfer of the funds from Guyana.
Note: Government Old Age pension is not paid to pensioners who do not reside in Guyana.

Click below to get the Pension and live Certificate forms

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